Technical training
Our company is proud for being the first to introduce the training and application of Programmable Controllers, even when there were no technicians that could understand, program, and install them on their own.

Since 1989 large amounts of technicians, who are now experts in the field of industrial automation, have completed our training courses on Programmable Controllers.

There are two main forms of courses: open courses and customised courses. In the latter case, the courses can be customised in terms of content and duration according to the needs of the company. Theoretical courses are not offered; all our training courses are eminently practical, using elements from the industrial field. This improves the understanding and the recognition of real situations.





  Armónicos en la red   16
  Autómatas programables   30
  Automatismos eléctricos   30
  Baterías de condensadores   10
  Caudalímetros, programación
  Contadores de Energía   30
  Electricidad básica   20
  Electricidad industrial   30
  Electrónica analógica   30
  Electrónica digital   30
  Elementos de detección y control   10
  Energía Fotovoltaica   20
  Instalaciones de puesta a tierra   20
  Neumática   30
  Protecciones eléctricas   16
  Trabajos en tensión en B.T. ( & )   20
  Variadores de velocidad y arrancadores   10
  Cableado Estructurado de redes   16
  Ahorro energético con Variadores de Velocidad   10


    If you are interested in one or more courses, please either indicate it in the form or just email us and we will let you know the starting date as soon as possible.


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