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Specifications for products by brand




Soft starters

Frequency converters


Electronic contactors

Soft microstarter


Ethernet Powerlink

Non-centralized solutions


Function AEO

VLT 2800 multipurposes converter


Solenoid valves

Torque limiter type TCI
(Soft start)


Valves, temperature and pressure control



Danfoss Socla


Retention systems M y MI

Obturation valves
Document 1


Socla Technology

Obturation valves
Document 2


Homologations and tests

Obturation valves
Document 3


System 01 for retention

Protection valves EA


System 05 for retention

Protection valves EC and ED
Double valves


System TJ for retention

Butterfly valves
Overview for the 7 families


System B for retention
Ball valve with flangers

Base valve for regulation


Sistema B de retención
Ball valve

Regulation valves
Choose a system





Full Fanox catalog





Han Kit metric
With fittings

Harting Han D
Full catalog


Harax M 12 L and 7-8"
Round connectors





Sitrans F
Flow meassure system

Pressure meters
Hidrostatic level meter


Sitrans F M
Flow meassure system

Pressure meters
Pressure transmitter


Products overview
Flow meassure system

Level meters
Sistrans LR ( radar transmitter)


Weighing systems

Level meters
Sistrans L (open channel)


Electric actuator
SIPO 5 Flash

Electropneumatic positioner
and electric actuators


Ultrasonic level meters


Niro Soavi


Niro Soavi general catalog

High pressure homogenizers
Panda 2


High pressure homogenizers
Panda 1

Applications for homogenization


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